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The Vedanta Kesari, Vol 96, No. 4, ISSN 0042-2983, April 2009

In the Mahabharata, there is the story of a young and arrogant student called Kaushika who is humbled by a devout housewife. She teaches him that 'each is great in his own place' and can attain the highest knowledge by performing one's duty in life with sincerity and devotion. Sushama Londhe, the author of this book, is perhaps a living illustration of this story! Sushama Londhe is introduced to the readers thus: '...After working as an Urban Planner with the State of Connecticut , she decided to devote her time as a mother and a homemaker.' But her knowledge of and devotion to Hindu culture will humble even religious scholars and historians.

The love of our motherland and her culture are deeply rooted in the Indian American community. This samskara often expresses itself through a strong urge to spread this awareness to co-religionists-through books, or websites and in this case, a website which later took the form of a book!

I am one of those netizens who closely followed the transformation of Sushama Londhe's website ( now renamed as since its inception in 1996. It grew from a beautiful interface into almost an encyclopaedia on Hinduism. It is happy news for all lovers of Hinduism that the contents of this website have now been brought out as a book in a pleasantly readable format.

The book abounds in a wealth of information about philosophers, writers, historians, political thinkers, indologists, etc., across continents who were-and continue to be-fascinated by India and her profound spiritual culture. There are twelve thematic chapters in the book followed by a thoughtful epilogue. Colourful photographs and illustrations add life to the print which runs into 500 pages, including the references.

I would have loved to say that this book is a must buy for all Hindus but the price made me stop and think again. Perhaps, the Indian edition of the book could have been more reasonably priced, keeping in view the average Hindu who is curious to discover his cultural roots but is cautious when it comes to shelling out!

- M. PRAMOD KUMAR, COIMBATORE - page 161 and

Hinduism Today, April/May/June 2008

From time immemorial, India has been synonymous with spiritual knowledge and has attracted numberless philosophers, poets, historians, scientists and travelers. Some have been able to physically visit her sacred land, while others have imbibed translations of her rich and imaginative literature from afar. Though political leaders have led the world into wars and imperialism, ancient India's spiritual wisdom has provided an uplifting counterpoint, profoundly influencing Western scientific and imaginative thought, arts and literature. Scientists, scholars, poets, writers and philosophers have paid the highest compliment to India's genius in metaphysics, religion, art, language and culture by incorporating many of her ideas and theories into their own work. A Tribute to Hinduism by Sushama Londhe is a rich collection of Western and Eastern thinkers' inspired gems on Hinduism and India.

A Tribute to Hinduism, by Sushama Londhe, Pragun Publications, New Delhi, India. rs. 895; 550 pages.

Desh-Videsh: A Magazine Promoting the Indian Sub-Continent, Vol. 808

A Tribute to Hinduism: Thoughts and Wisdom spanning continents and time about India and her culture by Sushama Londhe

Since time immemorial, India has been synonymous with spiritual knowledge, and people have been drawn to her sacred land. Some were philosophers, poets, writers, historians, scientists, and travelers. Some came to India; others read translations about her rich and imaginative literature and felt genuine enthusiasm for her. The fourth Caliph in the 7th century is reported to have said, "The land where books were first written and from where wisdom and knowledge sprang is India." Despite the wars and imperialism, ancient India's spiritual influence and wisdom has had considerable impact on the West, especially on its imagination, science, and literature: English Romantic poetry in particular. Scientists, scholars, poets, writers, and philosophers all have paid the highest compliment to India's wonderful metaphysical, religious, artistic, linguistic, and cultural genius by imitating and incorporating some of these ideas and theories into their own work.

Hinduism has been like the rainforest of the spirit, always rejuvenating, evolving, and transforming over the millennia. With an ever expanding globalization today there is a growing disquiet in the rich countries of the West, a feeling that Western way of life is itself no longer morally or practically supportable because of environmentally destructive activities. It was India which taught us long ago that the lust for possession and control will destroy and that all life is sacred. In a world of finite resources, India and her ancient religious traditions speak to us with great urgency about our destructive 20th century. It is imperative and critical for the health of our planet that Hinduism should not only survive but flourish. Like an elegance of an exquisite seamless sari which unfolds with supreme grace to showcase its intricate pattern, so does A Tribute to Hinduism. This book is a collection of positive and inspired gems of thoughts and wisdom from the writings of eminent philosophers, scientists, thinkers, historians, and authors from the West and the East on Hinduism and India. It catalogs their thoughts and the inspiration that they have drawn from Hinduism's rich philosophy.


Sushama Londhe is an Indian American who came to the US as a graduate student in the mid-1970s. She holds Masters degrees in Regional Planning and Urban Affairs. After working as an Urban Planner with the State of Connecticut, she decided to devote her time as a mother and a homemaker. Subsequently, she began a website, Hindu Wisdom, as a personal quest for her own spiritual heritage. The inception of the website began in the fall of 1996 as a small non-commercial web page and has grown over the years as a major resource on the Internet. Ms. Londhe currently resides in the Greater Philadelphia area with her husband, their two children, and a cat. Her hobbies include art, gardening, and traveling.